Past student exchanges

2015 student exchange

The 2015 student exchange was a wonderful event that went extremely well. The leaders for this year were Dan and Yoshimi Fujikawa who put together a programme with a lot of new things as well as the regular student exchange events. This year's programme was strongly focussed on getting the students to communicate with each other and a lot of effort was made to allow this to happen. The leaders felt that if students have the chance to communicate not just with their buddies, but freely throughout the group, the overall experience would be much more satisfying and much less stressful.


The inbound stage was characterized by wonderful weather and lots of joint activities in a really Kiwi style. A new development from this year was the performance, where the Kiwi students and their Japanese buddies had to put together a short performance together for the farewell function. This was to be done in English in Christchurch, and in Japanese in Kurashiki.


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