About the Christchurch-Kurashiki Sister City Committee

The Christchurch-Kurashiki Sister City Committee is a group made up of volunteers and supported by the Christchurch City Council. We do our best to help the CCC perform its obligations under the Sister City agreement the council have with Kurashiki city in Japan. We work under the aims of the CCC's International relations policy to further the good relationship we have with our sister city.

The Committee are involved with various projects related to Japan and to Kurashiki. Our main projects of the year are the Student Goodwill Ambassador Exchange and the Disabled Exchange. These are 2 long running programmes that enable to youth of both countries to experience each others' culture and make friends for life. The Committee also is involved in helping with hosting official delegations, being involved with Japan Day and many other events during the year.

Committee members put in a lot of work to make this all happen because we all have various interests in Japan and would like to share what a great and rewarding experience it can be. We are all volunteers, and all the work we do is for the good of the people we are helping and for the good of our sister city relationship. It is from the selfless ideal that we have been able to create a truly fantastic sister city relationship that has continued for over 40 years and will continue for many more.