About the Christchurch-Kurashiki Sister City Committee

The Christchurch-Kurashiki Sister City Committee is a group made up of volunteers and supported by the Christchurch City Council. We do our best to help the CCC perform its obligations under the Sister City agreement the council have with Kurashiki city in Japan. We work under the aims of the CCC's International relations policy to further the good relationship we have with our sister city.

The Committee are involved with various projects related to Japan and to Kurashiki. Our main projects of the year are the Student Goodwill Ambassador Exchange and the Disabled Exchange. These are 2 long running programmes that enable to youth of both countries to experience each others' culture and make friends for life. The Committee also is involved in helping with hosting official delegations, being involved with Japan Day and many other events during the year.

Committee members put in a lot of work to make this all happen because we all have various interests in Japan and would like to share what a great and rewarding experience it can be. We are all volunteers, and all the work we do is for the good of the people we are helping and for the good of our sister city relationship. It is from the selfless ideal that we have been able to create a truly fantastic sister city relationship that has continued for over 40 years and will continue for many more.


Committee Code of conduct

All committee members are bound by the code of Conduct. This is aimed to clarify that we are a volunteer group and that as members we will endeavour to benefit the sister city relationship in our actions and relationships as members.


Christchurch-Kurashiki Sister City committee Code of Conduct


The Committee will operate in accordance with the CCC international relations policy and other relevant CCC policy, and all committee members are expected to understand and follow this policy.


Any person may apply to become a member of the committee after first attending 3 meetings in any one year and by majority vote at a committee meeting (being at least 75% of the entire membership). Membership may be terminated by a majority vote of the committee after due process or by failing to attend 3 consecutive meetings without apology.

Being a member of the Committee means that you are aware of your obligations under the Code of conduct

The code of conduct applies to all committee members and any associates acting for the committee

Personal benefit

Members must not use or leverage their status as a committee member or use committee resources for their own advancement or benefit, financial or otherwise. Members are free to pursue personal business matters only when it is clear that there is no relationship, leverage or implied status from their position as committee members.

Where there is any doubt from any member whether their actions may be seen to be for their personal benefit or not, they must bring the issue before the committee for consultation.

When members are working on committee projects or business they must acknowledge that the project or business is a committee one, not a personal one.

Members must not physically visit Kurashiki Shiyakusho without prior committee approval. All members must notify in advance the committee of their intention to visit Kurashiki city in any capacity, detailing the purpose of their visit.

New ideas may be freely discussed at any time with any person in Kurashiki without Committee consent, but must be brought before the Committee for discussion before being considered for inclusion as a Committee endorsed or Kurashiki supported activity

Notification of any relevant matter (except for sensitive information) originating from the CCC or Kurashiki Shiyakusho that has not been previously raised at a meeting, should be fairly distributed to all members by e-mail.

Meetings and structure

Meetings are to be run in accordance with standard meeting procedure.

The roles, appointments and duties of the Committee’s elected officers will follow standard committee protocol and format.


See notes in Appendix

For any matters which are unclear, please contact the Chair to discuss, or bring it up at a committee meeting

Appendix I

Examples of acceptable and not acceptable behaviour.


  • Accepting souvenirs or other gifts from visiting delegations or from people you meet on Committee business or projects, in Japan or anywhere else.
  • Having members’ names mentioned in newspaper articles on Committee activities (as long as the context of the article is clear that it is a Committee activity and not the member's own
  • Doing business with people or organisations that are not related to the Kurashiki Shiyakusho or CCC, but who you met through association with them - as long as it is clear that you are acting personally and not in relation to the Committee. If you decide to approach the owner of a shop or business you visited while part of a programme in Kurashiki, you are welcome to do business with that person personally.
  • If members of the Kurashiki Shiyakusho or the CCC introduce people or businesses to you personally, with a clear understanding that there is no official endorsement or relationship from the Shiyakusho, then you may do business with this person or business directly (not through the Shiyakusho or CCC)
  • Creating and planning new Committee projects or relationships in conjunction with the Kurashiki Shiyakusho or CCC, sounding out ideas, getting initial support is always OK as long as it is tabled in a Committee meeting before a final decision or endorsement is made and the project or relationship is started.

Not acceptable

  • Entering into any personal contract or agreement for business with the Kurashiki Shiyakusho or the CCC or any person or organisation directly related to them is generally not acceptable. Any agreements that the Committee are unaware of would definitely be unacceptable.
  • Having media coverage, signage, or other material along the tone of “Bob Surname furthers relationship between Christchurch and Kurashiki” or “This project is brought to you by Bob Surname” in relation to Committee projects or Committee or officially funded or endorsed activities.
  • Using the Committee’s status or implied connection to further your own contacts in a non-official capacity by introductions such as “I am Bob Surname from the Christchurch-Kurashiki Sister City Committee..” or “You may remember me from when I was the official representative of…” are not acceptable when approaching people or groups for personal business
  • If Kurashiki Shiyakusho, Schools or other officially connected bodies approach you to do business, this should always be taken to the Committee for consideration. This is only acceptable if the whole Committee decides to be involved in the business or project. It is not acceptable for one person to run, manage and benefit from this type of proposal.
  • While in Kurashiki Shiyakusho on Committee approved business such as in capacity as leaders for the student exchange, using this permission and guest status to set up a meeting with the deputy mayor to make yourself known, create networking opportunities or to take a photo together, etc.
  • Having individual member’s names, not as the whole Committee, on publicly or officially displayed or gifted plaques, memorials, gifts or other artefacts related to the sister city relationship is not acceptable